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Monday, August 31, 2015

First Soccer Practice - Saturday September 5th

Just a reminder that our first practice will be Saturday September 5th from 9:30 to 11:30 at Clark Park in Molalla.

It is important that the players attend the first 2 practices as the coaches will dividing up the teams within age brackets to ensure we have balanced skill levels between teams.  

Also, coaches will be evaluating skills levels of individual kids and having discussions with parents with recommendations to move kids up or down to different age brackets.   Our goal is to fit each player with the players that have similar skills, not necessarily similar ages.  We want to avoid having kids that dominate their age bracket or are unable to keep up within their age bracket.  The age brackets are only set up for the initial bracket assignments.   We ask coaches to make recommendations for moving players up or down the brackets to address these situations.

As always, feel free to call me with questions,


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Registration Confirmations

Each year we have a couple of registrations that are not received, although they've been sent. If you haven't received a confirmation that your registration  was received, via email, it hasn't been received. Please contact Cindy Kercher, if you have any questions.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Coaching and Registration

4 of our 7 head coaches from last year will NOT be returning this year.  This means we need parents to step up and volunteer for coaching positions.  Please consider if you can coach a team.  We would like to avoid turning families away but we need coaches to make sure that does not happen. 
It does not require experience to teach soccer, particularly at the younger ages.   Please feel free to give me a call Pete Aldrich if have questions regarding coaching.  (Pete - 503-804-6248)  

As a reminder the final date for Registrations is a week from tomorrow.  Please get you registrations in as soon as possible so we can complete the team assignments! 
Additionally, we will accept participants on a first come first serve basis, based on the date registrations are received, if we have to limit players due to lack of coaches.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Field Painting - Assistant Families Needed

The Olson family has volunteered to head up the field painting again this year!    
This is a very important job that not only needs to get done the first time each year, but needs to be refreshed throughout the season.

We would like to find two assistant families for field painting so that the effort can be spread out during the season.  No previous knowledge is needed. The Olson's will be able to provide the necessary instuctions.

If you are interested in assisting please email me at:  pete@petealdrich.com

Thanks again to everyone volunteering for positions.  This is a parent supported league and everyone is needed to make soccer happen each year.

Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Soccer Registration opens August 10th!

Registration will open August 10th for the 2015 season!

Our Registration Coordinator for this year will be Cindy Kercher.

As a reminder, please follow the "Registration" Link above (
www.molallahomeschoolsoccer.blogspot.com)to print your registration form. 

Important information:
-Registration form with payments must be received by August 25th
-We will only be accepting registrations by mail.
-See the registration form for the return address and payment information. 
-We need an email address for each family
-Cost will be $18 per player this year with a 50% discount for all kids of Head Coaches
-Cost for shirts will be $16 for new shirts
Note: We have a supply of used shirt that we will sell for $5 on a first come first serve basis.  Please indicate on your registration if you would like a used shirt if available.  Please pay the full $16 up front and you will be refunded $9 if you receive a used shirt

-All Families need to provide at least one volunteer for one of the positions listed on the registration form; Head Coach, Asst Coach, Referee, Team Parent
-Families that provide a volunteer will get priority placement on a team if we need to limit teams due to lack of coaches

Please check the FAQ page before calling with questions

If you know that you would like to be a Head or Assistant Coach, please send an e-mail to Pete Aldrich (pete@petealdrich.com) now so we can begin planning the teams.

Concussion Awareness Plan
In order to receive insurance for the 2015 season we are required to implement a Concussion Awareness and Action Plan.

Each Parent, Player and Coach/Referee will need to read, understand and confirm the Concussion Education, Awareness and Action plan.  This confirmation signature page is now part of the registration form and needs to be completed and returned to Cindy Kercher at time of registration.  Please read the Concussion Awareness Plan before signing the registration.  See the 2015 Concussion Aware link at www.molallahomeschoolsoccer.blogspot.com

It is important to note that the Action plan outlines the requirements for Parents/Guardians and Coaches.   It is REQUIRED that each student have a parent or guardian at each practice and game.  This becomes more important now that there are specific actions to be fulfilled by a parent in the event of a head injury involving their player.   Please ensure that a parent or assigned responsible guardian in on site at every practice.

If you have any questions, please contact Pete Aldrich- 503-804-6248

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paint supplier contact?

Does anyone have a contact within the paint supply industry? One of our large expenses each year is purchasing field paint which has to be reapplied many times throughout the season.  I am looking for a way to reduce this cost either through less expensive or discounted paint.

If anyone has a contact or suggestions please feel free to give me a call.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer Rules! For referees and any interested:
Here are a couple links to basic soccer rules. Please read over them and call or email me if you have any questions. I know there will be a learning curve for some of us. That's ok. Again, don't hesitate to call me (Jamison) at 503-932-1985 if you have questions.

This first link, soccer for parents, has more explanation and is a little more fun to read.

This second link is simpler, shorter and more to the point.

Thank you for volunteering to help this year with homeschool soccer! This is going to be fun! Even if you're a little (or a lot) nervous about being a ref, I'm sure you will have fun too. After a little experience, the comfort level tends to go up quickly. I know mine sure did!
Here are some basics to remember:
Attitude is the main thing.
Use your position to encourage and enforce good sportsmanship.
You are in a good position to instruct and affirm kids, especially but not only, with the younger teams. You are not only there to make official calls.
Use your whistle (and your voice) boldly! The whistle makes an announcement to the whole field, so please blow it loudly and clearly. This helps players, coaches and parents to understand what is going on. This will help you earn the respect of the players too, since an unsure whistle gives the impression of an unsure ref.
Also, you are in charge of timing the game, unless you delegate that to another, so bring a stopwatch or other appropriate timepiece.
And, we will enforce the offsides rule with the 12+ games only. We will instruct kids 9-11 about offsides, but we will not disallow goals because of it.

Finally, our first game day is this coming Saturday. You'll be hearing from me shortly with your game assignments. Again, thank you.