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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Practice Starting at 5:30pm this Thursday

For all teams, we will be starting practice 30 minutes earlier at 5:30 Thursday so there will be a little more time to play in the daylight.

If you have any question feel free to contact me.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Soccer Games CANCELLED for Saturday Oct 15th

Due to the likelihood of a high wind weather event and the proximity of the fields to the large trees at Clark Park, we are cancelling all the soccer games scheduled for this Saturday Oct 15th.

Pete Aldrich

Friday, September 23, 2016


Thanks to all of you that agreed to ref this year.  
As happens every year most of our refs end up coming from one age bracket.  Since we need refs each week for all the games we need to ask that all Ref volunteers be willing to ref at least one game during the season for an age bracket where your kids are not playing.  If we ask you to ref an older age bracket we will usually only ask you to be a line judge.

Please contact the ref coordinator if you can not make your assigned game so adjustments can be made.

Please feel free to call me with questions

Team Pictures will be taken tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd.

Team Pictures will be taken tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd.  Please arrive 10 minutes early in uniform for pictures.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Individual Pictures - Starting this Thursday - Really!

I got the announcement wrong last week, but this time we really are taking individual pictures this Thursday the 22nd at starting at 5:30.   We realize that not all families can get to practice by 5:30, but would be appreciated if as many as possible at 5:30.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Ref coordinator will be contacting those that volunteered to schedule refs for the 9 to 11 and 12+ games. 

6 to 8 Teams - Field 3 > Every Saturday 9/17 thru 11/5 - 9:45 - 10:30
    4 X 8 minute quarters,  4 minutes between quarters

9 to 11 Teams - Field 2 >Every Saturday 9/17 thru 11/5 - 10:00 - 11:05

    2 X 40 minute halves, 5 minute between halves 

12 to 18 Girls - Field 1 > Every Saturday 9/17 thru 11/5 - 8:45 - 9:50

    2 X 25 minute halves, 5 minutes between halves

12 to 18 Boys - Field 1 > Every Saturday 9/17 thru 11/5 - 
10:00 - 11:30

    2 X 42 minute halves, 6 minutes between halves

- For the 6 to 8 year olds, the coaches/assistant coaches will ref the games so they can reinforce the skills and rules at the level to which they have covered in practices.
- For the 4/5 year olds, there is not an official game time.   Further information will be provided by coach Jeremy Linden during practice.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

General Information and Coach contact list.

Thanks for a great first practice!

We have finalized our coaching staff for the 2016 season (see below),  Thanks to all the volunteer coaches who put in the extra effort to make this league successful!

As a reminder, it is our goal to make sure all the kids are assigned to teams that will allow them to play competitively and have the best opportunity to improve their skills.  Therefore, some kids may need to be moved to teams outside their age range.  The coaches at each age bracket will make the decisions on moving kids up to older teams or down to younger teams based on skill level.  The coaches will contact the parents to discuss these moves.  Please support the coaches in these decisions as the coaches are trying to make the best decisions possible regarding your kids. If you think your kids should be playing in a different age bracket, please talk with a head coach in their assigned age range regarding your thoughts.

Reminder:  Practices are on Thursdays this year from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

The final Saturday game day schedule will be posted on the blog September 11th.  We are expecting it will look very similar to last years schedule.

If you have any questions please check the FAQ at molallahomeschoolsoccer.blogspot.com.  If you can not find answers there, feel free to call or email Pete Aldrich,
pete@petealdrich,com 503-804-6248

Ages 4 to 5:
Head Coach: Jeremy Linden – rakafraka@gmail.com  503-654-7338,  503-753-3794
Asst Coach: David Hughs - dnjhughes@gmail.com  503-421-1669,  503-901-1669
Asst Coach: Lucinda Foster - writelucinda@comcast.net  971-407-8185,  503-548-3772

Ages 6 to 8:
Head Coach 1: Melissa Bassani - melissabarbee@gmail.com  503-724-4393 
Head Coach 2: Scott Foster - newlawnoforegon@gmail.com  971-407-8185, 503-548-3772 
Asst Coach: Ryan Lillie - Kristinlillie@gmail.com  503-655-1529  

Ages 9 to 11:
Head Coach 1: Adam Bjornstedt - abjornstedt@hotmail.com  503-729-1600, 503-828-6036
Head Coach 2: Aaron Crowley - crowsnest590@gmail.com  503-209-2580, 503-266-4989   
Asst Coach: David Larson - carolynne@thesilverstream.com 503-554-9424, 503-997-9501  
Asst Coach: Wayne Sniffen -tanyasniffen@gmail.com 503-910-0156

Ages 12 to 18 Boys:
Head Coach: Jason Cassero - cajasoncassaro@gmail.com  971-224-9330 
Asst Coach: Adam Mcdaniels – adam4sports@gmail.com  503-266-9113
Asst Coach: Steven Hartung - tellofhisworks@gmail.com  971-200-5311   

Ages 12 to 18 Girls:
Head Coach 1: Leslie Bjornstedt - leslie.bjornstedt@gmail.com  503-209-2580, 503-266-4989
Haad Coach 2  Nyla Rawie - nyla1@ratec.net  503-873-2838  503-551-3639
Asst Coach 1: Aundra Miller - miller.aundra@gmail.com  503-318-4888
Asst Coach 2: Brook Young – brookeydaisy@gmail.com  503-830-1045 503-984-1734
Asst Coach 3: Paige Jobe - paigeturner1997@gmail.com