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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Extra shoes, shin guards or socks?

If you have any shoes, shin guards or socks that will not be needed for next year they can be donated for next year's players. They will be washed, sorted and stored for next year. Nancy Abbott will have bins at  the last game, to put them in. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Soccer Pictures Available

Soccer pictures are ready to be delivered. Would all team parents please look for Rhonda Traister or Cindy Kercher at Saturday's game.  They will have the pictures.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Other Homeschool Sports Opportunities

The HOOPS Basketball and Dolphins Swim seasons are both ramping up now.  Both of these opportunities are designed for homeschool families and are a great opportunity for your kids.

Please visit the HS Sports page at:
to find out more information about HOOPS basketball and the Dolphins Swim team. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Game Day Schedule

All games will begin on Saturday, Sept 21st.  

Game Day Schedule:
- 12 to 18 Boys - Field 1:  10:00 to 11:30 (2 - 42 minute halves with 6 minute half break)

- 12 to 18 Girls - Field 2: 8:45 to 9:50 (Tentative: 2 - 30 minute halves with 5 minute half break)

- 9 to 11 - Field 2:  10:00 to 11:05 (Tentative: 2 - 30 minute halves with 5 minute half break)

- 6 to 8 - Field 3:  10:15 to 11:15  (4 -12 minute quarters with 4 minute breaks)
Note:  Depending on the final number of participants and coach preference, the 12 to 18 girls may decide to play on field 1.

Also, as a reminder, we do not cancel for weather. It is up to the parents to make their best judgment of whether they think it is safe for there players to play.  
Feel free to contact me with questions,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coaches for 2013 Season

The following are the coaches for the 2013 season:

Age Bracket - 6 to 8
Team A
Head Coach: Tyler Tahtinen 
Asst Coach 1: Don/Kari Ririe

Team B
Head Coach: Brooke Young
Asst Coach 1:  Kevin Barns

Age Bracket - 9 to 11
Team A
Head Coach: Mike Murry
Asst Coach 1: Stevie Murry

Team B
Head Coach: Jeff Reister
                     Asst Coach 1:  Denise Oistad
 Age Bracket 12 to 18 - coed
          Team A
           Head Coach:  Adam McDaniels
           Asst Coach 1:  Joseph Cannon
           Asst Coach 2:  Lucas Tegtmeier

           Team B
           Head Coach:  Rock Shetler
           Asst Coach 1:  Greg Abbott

Just as a reminder, players will not immediately be assigned to a team.  The coaches will determine which players will play on which team during the first 2 or 3 practices.  We do this so the coaches have time to evaluate the players' skills to determine how best to divide the players to ensure the teams are evenly matched.   Additionally the age brackets are just guidelines.  Coaches have the final say on moving players up or down the age brackets due to skill level, aggressiveness and maturity.   This is done to ensure that players are in the best environment to learn and to avoid injury.  

Pete Aldrich

Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 Soccer - UPDATE

2013 core planning team

Each has oversight of a particular area:

League Coordinator - Pete Aldrich
- 503-804-6248 pete@petealdrich.com

Equipment - Kent and Laurie Nipping
- 503-713-3469 lnipping@gmail.com

Referee Organization - Jamison Ulibarri
- 503-932-1985 jamison@signpostsconsulting.com

Pictures - Rhonda Traister
- 971-832-4103 rlks@mac.com

Field Painting – Mark and Cindy Olsen / Asst: Paige Jobe
- 503-657-0983 olson6@hevanet.com

Registration Lead / Jerseys - Cindy Kercher
- 503-263-6467 and cell is 503-803-8624 dc10m@canby.com

Just as a reminder we need each family to provide a volunteer in at least one of the following roles: Coach, Asst Coach, Ref, Team Mom or Core Team Member.  During registration we will ask for you to indicate which role your family will fill.  
If you know that you would like to be a Head Coach, please send an e-mail to Pete Aldrich now so we can begin planning the teams.
REMINDER: Head Coaches will receive a $5 discount for each player in the family.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer Rules! For referees and any interested:
Here are a couple links to basic soccer rules. Please read over them and call or email me if you have any questions. I know there will be a learning curve for some of us. That's ok. Again, don't hesitate to call me (Jamison) at 503-932-1985 if you have questions.

This first link, soccer for parents, has more explanation and is a little more fun to read.

This second link is simpler, shorter and more to the point.

Thank you for volunteering to help this year with homeschool soccer! This is going to be fun! Even if you're a little (or a lot) nervous about being a ref, I'm sure you will have fun too. After a little experience, the comfort level tends to go up quickly. I know mine sure did!
Here are some basics to remember:
Attitude is the main thing.
Use your position to encourage and enforce good sportsmanship.
You are in a good position to instruct and affirm kids, especially but not only, with the younger teams. You are not only there to make official calls.
Use your whistle (and your voice) boldly! The whistle makes an announcement to the whole field, so please blow it loudly and clearly. This helps players, coaches and parents to understand what is going on. This will help you earn the respect of the players too, since an unsure whistle gives the impression of an unsure ref.
Also, you are in charge of timing the game, unless you delegate that to another, so bring a stopwatch or other appropriate timepiece.
And, we will enforce the offsides rule with the 12+ games only. We will instruct kids 9-11 about offsides, but we will not disallow goals because of it.

Finally, our first game day is this coming Saturday. You'll be hearing from me shortly with your game assignments. Again, thank you.