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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Any connections for field paint?

One of our largest expenses each year is paint for striping the field.  This year we will spend $500 to $600 for paint.  A good way to keep fees low would be to find a connection to get paint wholesale in bulk or getting donations of paint.
Please contact me if you have connections to get field paint wholesale.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Need Head Coach for Girls 12 to 18 team

Our initial volunteer for head coach of the girls 12 to 18 year team will not be able to fill the position due to job scheduling issues.  She will be able to assist on Saturdays, but, we will need to identify a head coach in order to field a team.   

Please contact me asap if you would like to volunteer or have question about the coaching role.  

Pete Aldrich

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Assistant Coaches? Are your friends registered? Soccer gear?


1. We have almost filled all of our head coaching positions which is great, but we are still in need of assistant coaches at all levels.  This is a great way to see what coaching is like, without the lead responsibility.   In general you will help the coach run drills and may need to cover a practice or game if the coach is not available.  We really need assistant coaches to make this work.  Please consider volunteering.  
You can call or email me to let me know if you are interested or if you have questions,
Pete (pete@petealdrich.com / 503-804-6248)

2. We only have 62 kids registered at this point.  This is very low given we have 115+ kids last year.   If you have friends who have played in the past you may want to remind them about the registration deadline.  We will accept registration that show up thru Friday 8/26. 
NOTE:  If a family has sent in a registration but has not received an email confirming the receipt of their registration, and believe that is in error, please contact Cindy Kercher dc10m@canby.com

3. We have some used soccer cleats and shin guards available at the first few practices.  This has been a blessing in past years for many families.  If you have outgrown cleats, chin guards, soccer socks/shorts to donate, bring them to the first few practices to pass on to others.  There will be a central location at the practice for the donations. 


We have a father, Jeremy Linden, that has volunteered to be head coach a 4 and 5 year old team.    I know some of you will be excited about this as there has been a number of requests for this in the past.
We are limiting this only to 5 and 5 year olds that have siblings playing on other teams. We are not prepared for a large number of kids at this age level.  
If you have a 4 or 5 year old that would like to play, please send in a registration for the additional player.  (we need a signed registration for insurance purposes)  Fees are the same as with all other players.
We will also need an assistant coach for this team so please consider volunteering when you send in your registration.  This is a great age to find out what coaching is like.  You do not need any prior soccer experience at this age.
If you have any questions please feel free to call,
Pete Aldrich

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Field Prep - Line Painting
Just a reminder that one of the volunteer positions that needs to be filled is assistant line painters.
Each week the field lines need to be touched up with field paint.  We have all the equipment and we have a lead family that provides instructions.  We just need 3 or 4 volunteers to assist in the painting.

The lead family is Marc and Cindy Olson.
For further questions/ informatoin please contact Marc and Cindy at 503-657-0983

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Soccer Registration opens Thursday August 11th!

Registration will open August 11th for the 2016 season!

Our Registration Coordinator for this year will be Cindy Kercher. 

As a reminder, please follow the "Registration" Link above (www.molallahomeschoolsoccer.blogspot.com)to print your registration form. 

Important information:
-Registration form with payments must be received by August 24th
-We will only be accepting registrations by mail.
-See the registration form for the return address and payment information. 
-We need an email address for each family
-Cost will be $18 per player this year with a 50% discount for all kids of Head Coaches 
-Cost for shirts will be $17 for new shirts
Note: We have a supply of used shirt that we will sell for $5 on a first come first serve basis.  Please indicate on your registration if you would like a used shirt if available.  Please pay the full $16 up front and you will be refunded $9 if you receive a used shirt

-All Families need to provide at least one volunteer for one of the positions listed on the registration form; Head Coach, Asst Coach, Referee, Team Parent
-Families that provide a volunteer as Coach or Ref will get priority placement on a team if we need to limit teams due to lack of coaches.

Please check the FAQ page before calling with questions

If you know that you would like to be a Head or Assistant Coach, please send an e-mail to Pete Aldrich (pete@petealdrich.com) now so we can begin planning the teams.

Concussion Awareness Plan
In order to receive insurance for the 2016 season we are required to implement a Concussion Awareness and Action Plan.

Each Parent, Player and Coach/Referee will need to read, understand and confirm the Concussion Education, Awareness and Action plan.  This confirmation signature page is now part of the registration form and needs to be completed and returned to Cindy Kercher at time of registration.  Please read the Concussion Awareness Plan before signing the registration.  See the 2016 Concussion Aware link at www.molallahomeschoolsoccer.blogspot.com

It is important to note that the Action plan outlines the requirements for Parents/Guardians and Coaches.   It is REQUIRED that each student have a parent or guardian at each practice and game.  This becomes more important now that there are specific actions to be fulfilled by a parent in the event of a head injury involving their player.   Please ensure that a parent or assigned responsible guardian in on site at every practice.

If you have any questions, please contact Pete Aldrich- 503-804-6248

Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 Homeschool Soccer Season Update

Hello home school soccer families!

I am already beginning to get the question again that I get every year;
Yes, we are once again planning on a home school soccer season this fall at Clark Park in Molalla.

The 2016 season will work similar to the way it has worked in the past, however there will be one big change this year:
Practices will be on Thursdays, not Tuesdays as in previous years.

Game days will continue to be on Saturdays for the 2016 season.
We needed to change days this year as we are not able to reserve Clark Park on Tuesdays this year.

Look for an update coming in August with details on registration for the 2016 season.

Looking forward to another great season!